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“A site for vintage guitar buffs, with plenty of photos of old Hofner guitars from the 50′s and 60′s, together with sections on Selmer, Watkins/WEM, Bird, Fenton-Weill, Grampion, Dallas, and Elpico Amps.”


“This site is dedicated to vintage instruments made in Europe and Soviet Union during the “communist” years. The first reason we’ve made this site is that there’s no information about these guitars, no pictures and no reviews. But they exist, and they definitely worth checking out….”

“This Website dedicated to the guitars designed and built in France from 1952 to 1994 by André and Roger Jacobacci. You will find there pictures and specifications of all the models we were able to photograph along with interviews of Roger Jacobacci (the man himself) but also owners of Jacobacci guitars, famous or not, but all in love with their instruments.”

“The factory that started in 1932 . Made beautiful instruments in Eindhoven. Had their top in Best. Went down in Boxtel in 1983. AND………….. also Wilson, Miller, Manhattan, Lion, Caledonie, Lido, Frima, Rosetti, Orpheum, Royal, Royalist, Alpha, Vega, Roderich Paesold, Hi-Spot, were Egmond products.”

“As a true fan of the amazing work of Jim Burns and as a collector of many of his fine pieces I wrote a book about him and his work, Pearls and Crazy Diamonds. This website is basically a site for us fans to meet, share ideas and a chance to show you who hasn’t have the book (yet) the beautiful pictures which are all prominent in the book.”

Jack Walsh’s

The first, the unique, the best site about Goya.

Official vintage archive.

the World of Hagstrom vintage guitars basses and amplifiers!

Älvdalen, the home of the famous Hagström guitar, is situated in Dalecarlia in the middle of Sweden. Älvdalen is also the home of the Hagström museum. The museum has a permanent exhibition about the company AB Albin Hagström. The museum contains many experimental and rare guitars, basses, amplifiers, accordions, in fact everything a real enthusiast can ask for. A visit to the museum is a must.

Was your first guitar a Hagstrom? You’re not alone, especially here in Sweden. When I was young, everybody wanted a Fender or a Gibson, but since they were far to expensive, Hagstrom seemed to be a good choice.

“guess about the best place to begin the history of Univox is in the early 60′s, with the company Unicord purchased the Amplifier Corporation of America (ACA) in Westbury, NY and marketed a series of tube amps under the name Univox. Before that Unicord was a manufacturer of electronic transformers…”


This site is dedicated to all you guitarists out there who ever owned an old Japanese Teisco guitar, especially those of you who started out with one and still have it today. I created this site out of frustration at not being able to identify the model of my first Teisco despite my best online and off-line efforts. I found out (eventually!) that it’s an SS-4L made some time in the early/mid 60s.

“This site has absolutely no ties with the Travis Bean Guitar Manufacturer, except for being a fan of the guitar itself. The purpose of this site is to provide a platform for people interested in the various Travis Bean guitars/basses, or if you’re interested in knowing about or purchasing this guitar or bass for your vintage guitar collection.”

The VOX Showroom is the most complete source of VOX amplifier, guitar and organ information on the Internet. The Vox Showroom chronicles the product history of Vox from 1957 to the present.

This site serves as an introduction to the forthcoming book by brothers  Martin and Paul Kelly entitled Vox Guitars. Besides being the first book solely dedicated to the subject, Vox Guitars will seek to set the record straight on this much maligned, iconic brand from the 1960’s.

This site introduces Vintage Archtop Jazz Guitars made in Germany during the
50s and 60s. These guitars are not only strange looking (unbelievable? that’s right), but many also have a deep and cool sound. Please forget the legend of Kalamazoo or Benedetto…. the European craftsmanship is here. This is something special. I hope you enjoy it.

All about vintage keyboards and organs

Watkins guitars and WEM amplifiers launched the careers of many British guitarists in the 60′s and 70′s. They were regarded as ‘the British Strat’ but were available at a price which most teenagers could afford.


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