Inspired by Wandre: Harvester Guitars


Luthier Anthony Paine of Melbourne, Australia has taken his obsession with the wonderful, sculptural works of Antonio Wandrè Pioli to the logical conclusion. Building in 3 dimensions upon the dreamlike inspiration of Wandrè’s work, he is creating a series of unique, hand-made guitars.

‘Essential to the instrument is the hybrid of metal and wood which forms a continuous spine from headstock to tailpiece. Once this skeleton is in place form can follow function OR form can be freed from all convention. The machine-like neck of the instrument intersects the body like the cantilevered roof of a modernist building or highly polished motorcycle frame against it’s lacquered sculptural body.

‘I was spurred into action to explore this system of construction by seeing a great artist and instrument maker’s work misrepresented by mass-produced replicas with generic, off-the-shelf parts and conventional wooden necks. My aim is to make as many of the components myself to further remove the instruments from standard practices of guitar assembly – I have learned about sculpting and resin-casting parts, lacquer finishes and working with machined and TIG welded aluminium.’

‘I do not claim to have exactly replicated any of Wandrè’s designs, nor do I  intend to use his name to sell my guitars, I’m interested to see how they evolve from these first few prototypes. My instruments are also a product of my own experience as a luthier, musician ( often playing aluminium necked instruments ) and guitar repairer. I have used a slightly oversized solid 6061 T6 alloy rod in place of the custom hollow extrusion of the original instruments, producing a sound and sustain more like Travis Bean’s guitars of the 1970s. The challenge remains to not ‘over-engineer’ and to keep some of the lightweight shimmer of the Wandrè sound through working with body chambers and different materials.’

Anthony Paine

2012 – Melbourne, Australia

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