Zerosette Robert Normann’s Rayhorn 0 Seven

Customized especially for Robert Normann by Hornaas Musikk.
Used when playing the melody “7 Stubbær”. Robert plays solo and bass at the same time, therefore the microphone crossing the three upper strings.

“Robert Normann was, and still is, a legend far beyond the borders of Norway. One person that recognized the genius in Normann’s playing was Django Reinhardt, who is reported to have said: “Why do you want me to come to Norway? You’ve got Robert Normann!”

Normann’s career from the 1930’s onward involved moving from a succession of bands, and from dance hall to dance hall. But not even the most rigorous demands for “dance music” could prevent Normann from developing into a world class jazz musician, immortalized on fabulous CD’s with practically everything he has played in, Robert Normann’s collective works.

To take better care of the legacy of Robert Normann, the Robert Normann family formed “The Robert Normann Society”. The son of Robert Normann, Mr. Edgar Normann, was one of the founders and he is running the society along with the family’s own record company “Normann Records”.

Normann Records have released a Robert Normann DVD called “Shine, The TV Collection”.

In the 60’s and early 70’s Robert became famous for his TV shorts, produced by NRK, where he demonstrated his matchless technique and taste for harmonies, and this is exactly what you are going to see and hear on this disc. Robert Normann could have been a world famous musician, no doubt about that, but his personality was of another kind. He wanted to live a simple life, and play his music without any fuss about it.
On this disc, Robert Normann plays his famous Rayhorn.”

Kjetil Sørensen – Webmaster Normann Records AS
The Robert Normanns Society

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